12 Luxurious Futons That Are Nothing Like the Ones You Had in College

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After my roommates moved out, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to inherit another room in our apartment. I wanted a guest room for friends and he wanted an office. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit both, so we thought we could meet in the middle and get a futon. That style, though, instantly made us think of those clunky old metal ones every college dorm had. I quickly turned to the internet to search for one, and was shocked at how many elevated choices there were. My favorite picks were surprisingly all from Walmart. The retailer is filled with so many stylish furniture pieces at affordable prices, it was hard to resist.

I went on a mission to find the best picks the site has to offer. From thick tufted ones to luxe velvet choices, there’s no shortage of good finds ahead. So, if you’re also on the hunt for a versatile sleeper sofa, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to shop my top picks and find the perfect one for your home.

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